Todays WiFi networks are about more than simply connecting portable devices to your network

Todays WiFi networks must accommodate a myriad of different devices while maintaining network security.

Staff connect their mobile phones and tablets, visitors may require internet access and many retail establishments now use wireless credit card terminals to take payments. These devices must all work seamlessly and simultaneously, but from a security perspective will often need to be isolated from one another.

You wouldn’t want a user on your guest WiFi being able to access information on your corporate network for example, or a virus on a staff members Android phone getting onto your company network.

Integrity IT are experienced in installing and maintaining a wide range of WiFi systems including:

  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint links
  • Public Wireless Hotspots
  • Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Caravan Parks
  • Small Business Wireless networks
  • Large Office Spaces and Warehouses
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Indoor and Outdoor Systems

With a sharp focus on secure, cost effective WiFi solutions and ease of use we supply and install both Sophos and Ubiquiti WiFi products and have UEWA (Unifi Enterprise Wireless Admin) qualified technicians who are able to design, install and maintain the best wireless solution to fit your requirements and budget.

Integrity IT can also provide support contracts for your WiFi, ensuring reliability.  We can remotely monitor your wireless network, in order to provide remote support and management.  This data can then be used to identify any area of your wireless network which is not running as well as it should be or would benefit from future investment.

Cabling and Infrastructure

Data cabling is an important yet often overlooked part of any company’s network infrastructure. Having the correct cabling and infrastructure hugely affects the performance and reliability of your wireless network, as well as hindering future expansion.

Wireless Mesh systems can be cost effective but often inefficient, our engineers have experience in the design and installation of CAT5e and CAT6 and fibre optic data cabling along with managed switches, aggregated links and VLANS so that we can create a secure, reliable backbone for your wireless network to run on.

For outdoor systems where cabling isn’t an option, we create a dedicated wireless backbone which wont interfere with the WiFi signal that the end users connect to.