Vital Windows 7 March Update

Hopefully, all Windows 7 users know by now that Microsoft will stop support for the operating system in January 2020, if not you can find out more by reading our blog.

But what many do not realise is that support could end as soon as July 2019 if you do not install a critical patch due for release on 12th March.

Windows updates are currently dual-signed using both SHA-1 and SHA-2 encryption algorithms.  This ensures that updates come directly from Microsoft and are not tampered with during delivery.

However, SHA-1 has become less secure over time, due vulnerabilities found in the algorithm and more powerful processors being able to break the encryption in an ever shortening period of time.

Currently, legacy Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and Server 2008 do not support SHA-2.  The March update will add SHA-2 code signing support to these operating systems, with Microsoft warning that SHA-1 signing will be removed from July 2019.

In short – Unless you have the March update installed, you will not be able to install critical updates after July 2019.

If you’re still using a legacy Operating System and have any questions about how to upgrade, call our helpdesk on 01228 594682 


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