COVID-19 Update – 26th March 2020

First of all, we would like to let all of our customers know that although all of our engineers are now working from home, our support services are unaffected.  Anyone needing support can email the usual support email address or call the office phone number.  We have full access to all of our internal systems.

Due to the increase in home working, Zen Internet, our main broadband and leased line supplier have seen an increase in traffic on their network of approximately 18%, we’re pleased to say that this is being handled comfortably with no reported issues.

Openreach this week announced that a nationwide a MBORC (matters beyond our reasonable control) scenario had been declared for provision, repair, missed appointments and the availability of appointments.

Following strict Government curbs on movement and social interaction, Openreach has taken the decision to restrict engineer visits, effectively limiting service delivery to self-installs until 1st June at the soonest.

Non appointed orders (where no visit is required) will continue to go ahead as planned.

Additionally, Ofcom announced on Tuesday its intention to temporarily suspend the obligations of ISP’s under the Automatic Compensation Scheme.

The scheme itself does contain an exception relating to civil emergencies, and Ofcom has taken the decision that in the present situation it could be reasonably viewed that this exception should apply.

What this means is that providers will not be obliged to compensate customers when service is not provided or delayed. However, there is an expectation that providers will do everything in their power to continue to provide the best possible service, which is exactly what Integrity IT and Zen Internet intend to do.


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