Company sues worker who fell for an email scam

According to a recent BBC News article Glasgow based Peebles Media Group are attempting to sue a former employee who fell foul of a spoof email scam for almost £108,000.

The employees solicitor claim that they had not received any training on how to identify online fraud and that the court should dismiss the action.

This landmark case could potentially set a precedent as ever-more sophisticated email attacks target employees as the weak link in enterprise security.

The employee (Patricia Reilly) is said to have received a message from bankers about fraudsters trying to fool employees that their bosses wanted them to make payments to companies.  She had earlier received a number of email messages which appeared to be from her managing director Yvonne Bremner, but they were sent by an impostor in a targeted email attack known as “CEO Fraud”

The company is now claiming £107,984 from the former employee – the sum outstanding after the bank refunded more than £85,000 of the almost £200,000 stolen.

For many SME’s junk email can be seen as a nuisance and the thought of spending money on a solution may seem unnecessary, but we suspect many will be keeping an eye on the outcome of this case.












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