Leased Line

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a symmetrical connection which means that upload speed is just as fast as download speed, it’s also uncontended – the fibre cables run from the Exchange, directly to your business, missing out the street cabinet altogether. Leased lines are often considered the pinnacle of connectivity.

Is a leased line right for you?

That can often depend on how critical internet connectivity is to your business.  If your internet connection is likely to be used for general, everyday tasks such as email and surfing the web then fibre broadband is probably a better option. If however, you’re going to be using the internet to transfer or upload large amounts of data, connect your head office with remote offices, video conferencing or accessing hosted applications which are business critical then a leased line would be more suitable.

With fibre broadband, the 80Mbps ‘up to’ speed is in no way guaranteed. It’s a rough estimate of the speed you’ll receive at the best possible time, meaning ‘peak times’ can have a huge impact on your speed.  With a leased line, your speed is guaranteed, at all times of day. The connection is completely uncontended meaning that your speeds are not affected by high usage during peak times.

Think about how damaging or costly it would be if your business lost its internet connection.  Fibre broadband has no Service Level Agreement, it could potentially be out of action for weeks.  If the internet is a critical part of your business operation and you couldn’t function without it, then installing a leased line is the right option. All of our leased lines are supported by our 99.9% SLA to provide maximum up-time.

Leased lines are also perfect for larger hotels offering guest WiFi services to a large number of people or for companies who offer Serviced Office facilities with a number of different companies sharing the internet connection into a building.


Naturally, due to the additional benefits of leased lines they are more expensive than broadband connections.  However due to competition, the price has reduced dramatically in recent years.

At Integrity IT, we’ve partnered with a wholesale provider who works very closely with all of the major UK Ethernet carriers so we can tell you who is providing the best service and value for money in your area, helping us to deliver your solution quickly, efficiently and competitively.  We’re able to offer a 30Mb leased line for as little as £280 per month, or a 100Mb line for only £390 per month

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