What is a leased line?

For a step up from traditional broadband, Ethernet leased lines provide a dedicated route to the internet – with guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth – or a rock solid link between your offices and sites. Unlike a broadband connection, a leased line is not shared with anyone else, meaning you’ll always receive the bandwidth you expect.

A 100% SLA option, expert support and 4-hour engineering response help to remove downtime worries and, should the worst happen, we can provide additional cover in the form of a backup assurance circuit.

While Ethernet services are typically much more reliable than traditional connectivity solutions, there may still be a problem from time to time.

For guaranteed performance we can provide a secondary connection to ensure that, in the unlikely event of primary circuit failure, you will always have a reliable internet connection.

Automated failover in the event of primary circuit failure

Optional assurance options include standard DSL/FTTC circuit, failover to EoFTTC or EFM and even a second Ethernet circuit while advanced options are also available, including duct separacy – to ensure the primary and secondary circuits are routed in isolation from each other, as well as dual routers for high availability should one fail.


Naturally, due to the additional benefits of a leased line they are more expensive than broadband connections. However due to competition, the price has reduced dramatically in recent years.

At Integrity IT Solutions, we’ve partnered with Zen Internet, who work closely with all of the major UK Ethernet carriers so we can tell you who is providing the best service and value for money in your area, helping us to deliver your solution quickly, efficiently and competitively. We’re able to offer a 100Mb leased line from just £225 per month with speeds going up to one gigabit (1000Mb) starting at less than £399 per month.