JR Holland Food Services Ltd – Case Study

JR Holland Food Services

Founded in 1995, JR Holland Food Services Ltd. are the North East’s leading food service provider.  They supply some of the biggest names in catering in the North of England with fresh produce six days a week from their distribution depot on the Team Valley, Gateshead.

Over the last 20 years, their IT network has evolved massively, from a UNIX based system with a handful of terminals, to a Windows environment with four data servers.  Like most businesses, the infrastructure has been added to over time in order to accommodate more capacity and new technologies.

The comms cabinet which was more than ample when installed was now bursting at the seams, while additional telecoms equipment was squeezed in, around the four data servers, meaning that there were now a total of six servers to accommodate.

While discussing a server upgrade they took the opportunity to take an overview of their IT System as a whole and the end results are not only more aesthetically pleasing, they make for a faster and more robust infrastructure.  The four data servers were migrated to a virtualised Hyper-V 2016 environment, with a 256-bit encrypted offsite copy of each server held in our data centre for disaster recovery.

A rack mounted Host Server with dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 8 Core CPUs and 128GB RAM provides considerably more computing power than all four of the old data servers combined, while taking up a fraction of the space.  RAID 1 Solid State Drives for the server operating systems and RAID 10 disk arrays for the data, combined with teamed network ports and a managed Gigabit Ethernet switch all help provide super-fast access to their data and main “line of business” application which runs on a SQL Database.  By reducing the number of physical servers, this also reduced their power consumption, therefore lowering their carbon footprint.


Servers, switches, routers and other IT equipment had multiplied over the years.

Old ServersMessy Comms Cabinet















After tracing each individual cable and making a record of where they are patched in, we began removing the old equipment.

Removing Live EquipmentEmpty Comms Cabinet















Workbench and wall mounted cabinet are then removed, the new server cabinet moved into place, then the patch panels and cable management are installed.

Removed Cabinet and Bench  New Server Cabinet with Patch Panels













The multitude of data switches were replaced with a single 48 Port managed switch and colour coded patch leads installed, while the old servers await decommissioning.

New Server Cabinet Patched In JRHolland_Server_CabinetJRHolland_Server_cabinet