An IT Support Agreement with Integrity IT Solutions provides the benefit of tailored IT Support when you need it, with proactive monitoring of your critical systems.

We offer a number of different service packages, so that you can choose the most suitable level of IT support for your business.

IT Support Contracts

As a business grows, its IT requirements can quickly exceed its expertise. Many companies find themselves in the position of not yet needing an in-house IT department while being large enough that they can no longer rely on consumer-grade equipment.

The training costs and expertise required to stay current and competitive in todays market can be crippling to many organisations.  Outsourcing those requirements to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the most cost effective way of ensuring your IT systems are kept up to date and protected from evolving security threats.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Integrity IT have demonstrated our expertise and are able to offer expert advice in order to help our clients realise the potential of their business.

Our professional team of technicians have a combined experience of over 50 years in IT and are Microsoft Certified. We pride ourselves on making IT support simple to understand and simple to access.

Are you:

  • Not getting value for money from your current IT provider?
  • Unhappy with your current IT providers service or expertise?
  • Stuck in a break/fix model with an outdated IT strategy?
  • Unhappy with surprise costs or hidden extras?
  • Using a small IT support company that can’t keep up with your requirements or growth plans?
  • Looking for a more proactive partner who can help grow your business?

Our RMM agents monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will automatically log any potential problems with our helpdesk before they occur, allowing us to address them remotely without disruption, maximising your up-time and increasing productivity.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Just Some of the things that we monitor include:

  • Anti Virus Definitions
  • Critical Security Patches
  • UPS/Battery Backup Functionality
  • Loss of Connectivity
  • RAID Array/Hard Disk Errors
  • Disk Usage/Free Space
  • System Temperatures
  • Service Stoppages
  • Memory Usage
  • CPU Usage
  • Backup verification and Test Restore

We don’t just monitor your servers.  Firewalls, PC’s, laptops and more can all be monitored, enabling us to keep abreast of all aspects of your network.  This information can then be used to provide comprehensive management reports, allowing you to plan and budget for future IT requirements.


Our RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) system can automate functions to a schedule of your choice.  For example, security patches can automatically be installed at 3AM every Sunday then reboot if required, or temporary files can be deleted every other week, further aiding to minimise downtime.

As well as system monitoring and automation, a Business IT support contract gives you unlimited access to our technical team via phone or email during business hours who can assist you via our Bomgar remote support platform.  Our Gold Support Packages also cover any on-site visits you require.

Remote Support

Visit our Support Portal and follow the instructions provided by our remote support technicians. Our remote support sessions are not only secure, they’re also recorded for your security and peace of mind.