Integrity IT are providing the latest ultra-fast connectivity product, Meaning that you could be enjoying faster internet than ever before, with average download speeds of up to 330Mbps.

Ultrafast broadband enables more devices to use your network without suffering from congestion and slow speeds as well as enabling silky-smooth HD or UHD video conferencing. So if you have a large office with a number of active users, they’ll all be able to enjoy a smooth internet experience.

What is

If you’re confused by all the terminology you’re hearing around internet speeds, you’re probably not alone. offers something different. While a typical FTTP ultrafast connection requires a fair amount of additional infrastructure to be put in place, will use much of the existing infrastructure, which should mean easier and faster rollout. You’ll still be sending and receiving data over existing copper wires, but the technology enables that data to travel much more quickly – think of as a supercharged FTTC connection – and that means ultrafast speeds will be available to many more premises.

Carlisle was one of the first areas in the UK to have access to G.Fast, early in 2019 and the roll-out means that more and more business in the area are able to take advantage of of this new ultra-fast broadband technology

What do you need to do?

Contact a member of our team to find out of G.Fast is available in your location.

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