Remote Working

A number of businesses have started advising employees to work from home or are planning for such eventualities in the ongoing battle against Coronavirus.

It is hoped that keeping employees apart from each other will reduce the risk of the virus spreading amongst employees as well as the opportunity for the virus to be caught during a commute.

Over the last few days we’ve noticed a large increase in the number of businesses making preparations for enabling staff to work from home. The good news for a lot of our clients is that they have a ready made solution built into their firewall which allows a user to safely and securely operate their work computers remotely from home.

But if you don’t already have a Sophos Firewall there are a number of options still available to you.

There have been recent articles questioning whether the UK’s broadband network could sustain a mass migration to remote working.  However, the vast majority of work that ordinary people tend to do is fairly lightweight in terms of its impact upon a broadband network and solutions such as a Remote Desktop Server or the HTML5 Portal previously mentioned only sent screenshots of the remote computer over the internet which is a repetitively small amount of data.

Speak to one of our teams for advice, we’re able to put a solution in place quickly to suite your budget and business requirements.


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