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IT Audits – Dont Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Where Cyber Security is concerned, it’s never a good idea to wait until it’s too late.  Start your IT Audit today and secure your business data against fraudsters.

When most people hear the term “audit” they think of accounts and taxes, but an IT audit should be part of a regular routine for small businesses.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how often to conduct an audit, but once a year is a good guideline, although it’s a good idea for organisations facing a high degree of risk to perform them more regularly.

If you’ve never heard of an IT audit, it is basically an examination and evaluation of an organisations IT infrastructure, policies and operations.  The goal is to make sure that everything is running properly and to identify risks and inefficiencies.

If there’s an unpatched server that has gone unnoticed, it could open the door to a data breach.  Or an older, lagging system could create a bottleneck that reduces productivity.  Minor issues can quickly escalate into major problems if left unattended.

How can we Help?

Most effective audits are done holistically, meaning you should use automated systems, along with interviews, surveys and analysis to create a complete picture of your IT landscape.
That’s where the value of our Managed IT Services really comes into it’s own.  Our monitoring agent looks after your network 24/7 and generates reports that you can use to identify bottlenecks.  It also looks after all of your patch management and reports on any security patches which are missing.  Allowing us to plug any potential holes before they can be exploited.

By utilizing state-of-the-art backup solutions, not only do we monitor your backups, we can host an encrypted offsite copy in our data centre as well as performing a schedule monthly test restore to ensure your backups are working.

Why do it?

IT audits are particularly important today due to the pace of innovation, online security threats and new legislation such as GDPR.  IT is constantly evolving and to stand still is to fall behind.

Take the recent news regarding Equifax for example.  Through an unpatched web server, hackers gained access to company data which potentially compromised the sensitive information of 143 million consumers.  While this hack stood out because of it’s size and severity, businesses of any size are vulnerable.  We often hear from small business owners who feel that they are “too small” to be of any concern to cyber criminals, but the truth is that many attacks are not targeted.  Fraudsters are scanning internet connections looking for a weak point they can exploit.  The 2017 Cyberthreat Defense Report found that 79% of networks were breached last year.  By using the tools at our disposal, we can find and close these exploitable holes before a hacker does.

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