Almost all businesses rely heavily on their IT in order to operate effectively, this makes access to data vital to the survival and continued operation of the business.  Integrity IT can help you put in place and test your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans.  Additionally, we can host an offsite backup of your virtual servers in our secure Data Centre. 

All backup data is held and transported in 256-bit encryption and unlike traditional cloud based backup solutions – The data is quickly accessible should the worst happen.

Integrity IT are an Altaro Gold Partner

Altaro provides the virtual backup solution that gives surety and seamless automated backup to over 30,000 small to medium enterprises through their Virtual Backup solution for Hyper-V and VM-Ware.

It’s a fast, affordable, high-performance backup solution that cuts out the waste and hassle to give an agile, streamlined solution that is easy to implement, feature-rich, and with outstanding support as part of the package.
Specially developed for small and mid-market businesses,  it also provides Cloud Backup to Azure.  Our managed service clients can also backup to our own data center, meaning we have quick access to your backups should the worst happen.

Altaro backup solutions are so attractive to SMEs, they are quickly emerging as the no 1 vendor in this space. See for yourself, you can get started for free in minutes and use the trial for life! Download Altaro’s VM Backup trial, with cover for 2 VMs forever.

Why Integrity Recommends Altaro

Three words – Simple. Affordable. Usable.

Altaro’s Virtual Backup Solutions have been specifically engineered for our main client base – small to medium sized businesses, so you don’t pay for functionality you will never use or complexity that makes it hard to use. They have emerged as real alternative to the market leading backup software solutions as their VM Backup quietly and reliably does what it says it will do – yet at a third of the cost.

We are a Gold Partner for Altaro, meaning that we have acquired and displayed the highest levels of competency in matching the solution to our customers’ needs.

What you will Gain from Deployment of Altaro’s VM Backup?

With Altaro VM Backup, you can install and run your first virtual machine (VM) backup in less than 15 minutes, without the need for complex configurations or software dependencies.

Altaro VM Backup is designed to give you the power you need, without the hassle and steep learning curve.

  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface – making it easy to implement a rock solid backup strategy
  • Managing and configuring backup/restore jobs across multiple hosts has never been simpler
  • Full control & scalability – Monitor and manage all your Hyper-V and VMware hosts from a single console

Will it really save me Money on Backups?

Altaro De-Duplication

Our experience and Altaro’s research shows a resounding YES. When compared to other solutions, Altaro creates the smallest backup size thanks to its industry leading in-line deduplication . This means faster backup and restore times as well as lower storage costs:

Alataro Results

This is the best deduplication in the industry which saves, on average, 63% in backup storage thanks to Augmented Inline Deduplication and Boot from Backup. Altaro just surveyed 100 UK customers and we wanted to share the results with you:

If you wish to purchase Altaro VM Backup, Integrity IT can process card payments via telephone, or if you prefer, you can pay per VM per month with the MSP payment model.  Contact Us for more information