News emerged late on Thursday evening of a massive 20GB file containing confidential files and intellectual property belonging to Intel which is making its way around the internet.

According to Tom’s Hardware, a leaker has shared the link to a 20GB file-sharing folder that allegedly contains chip engineering files apparently stolen from Intel earlier this year in a Twitter post. This folder has been billed as “Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release ;)” and was originally posted on an encrypted messaging platform.

Till Kottmann, the Swiss IT consultant who posted a link to the confidential data on Twitter claims the hacker “breached” Intel, which the company denies. Kottman also said the files were obtained earlier this year, adding “most of the things here have not been published anywhere before and are classified as confidential, under NDA or Intel Restricted Secret.”

The source says more files will be shared soon, and “the future parts of this leak will have even juicier and more classified stuff.” Interestingly, it has also been revealed that the password-protected zips in the folder may be accessed using either “Intel123” or “intel123” as the password, which may have been set by Intel itself.

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